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Celebrate Pollinator Week with Us!

Pollinator Week is an annual celebration dedicated to supporting pollinator health. It's a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness about pollinators and learn what we can do to protect them. We have a fun-filled week of activities planned, and we hope you'll join us! Pollinator week starts Monday, June 17th, and runs through Sunday, the 23rd Saturday. Here's what's on the agenda:

Join Natural State Flower Farm to learn about the critical role monarch butterflies play in our ecosystem and discover how you can help protect them. The event includes door prizes such as a bouquet from Natural State Flower Farm, two of our new WRN shirts, and a beautiful ceramic butterfly. Hand-selected seeds for favorite pollinator plants will also be available for purchase. This presentation promises to be fun for all ages.

Meet Shawn Hunter from The Diana Project to learn about the Diana Fritillary, Arkansas's imperiled state butterfly. Discover how you can contribute to its preservation, explore its vital habitat needs, and learn about the specific plants crucial for its caterpillars and adults. We'll also be giving away two of our new WRN shirts and a beautiful ceramic butterfly!

All Week: Kids Scavenger Hunt

We will have a kids' scavenger hunt running throughout the week with fun prizes!


Throughout the week, we'll have multiple giveaways. Some will be in-person exclusives, and we'll also be giving away a pollinator plant bundle through our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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