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Community Sponsorship Application Request

White River Nursery loves people-to-people connections and we believe that meeting neighbors and working towards common goals helps to develop strong communities. We are proud to support non-profit organizations in local communities through in-kind donations.


To apply for a donation, this application must be completely filled out and turned back into us 3-4 weeks prior to the date needed. Letters, brochures, and the like can accompany this application but they do not replace it. If you are a nonprofit, please provide your 501(c)3 ID # for tax purposes.  Return Donation Request Forms to

About 70% of donations are allocated for garden and community-related organizations, 20% to educational organizations and groups that support children and the remaining goes to other groups within our Northwest Arkansas community. The average donation is $25 to allow us to help more organizations, typically in the form of a gift certificate to White River Nursery. Requests for donations of plants or products must be given special consideration. Please include request details in the additional comments section if you desire a different donation than the standard gift card.

Garden Club
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