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Modern Outdoor Art

Have you heard of barn quilts?

A "barn quilt" is a quilt pattern typically painted onto plywood and attached to the side of a barn, garage, house, shed, or wherever it will fit. When several people in an area put up barn quilts, they often publish routes or "quilt barn trails" so visitors can admire all the works of art.

We are in love with this concept and thought it would be a great way to add color to the nursery during the dull days of winter. We've made a few on plywood ourselves and also found a small business out of California that prints some very cool modern quilt patterns on heavy duty plastic, using UV-resistant ink to prevent fading for indoor or outdoor display.

The idea of adding art to our outdoor spaces is so inspiring. As gardeners, we love adding color and life to our homes with blooms and foliage. Introducing some outdoor art to the mix really adds another layer of sophistication to a space.

We found a very comprehensive tutorial at if you're interested in making your own or stop by the nursery to check out what we have on display.

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