White River Basics
White River Basics - $19.50

These shrubs have been selected as some of the best foundation plants for Northwest Arkansas Landscapes.

White River Basics have proven themselves winter hardy, heat tolerant, and drought resistant.

White River Basics
are sold in 3 gallon containers.

Look for them throughout the nursery.

Andorra Juniper 

Evergreen, 2' tall and wide, beautiful purple winter blush on foliage.  Full to part sun.

Blue Pacific Juniper

Evergreen ground cover 18" tall by 6' wide.  Full to part sun.

Blue Rug Juniper

Evergreen ground cover 12" tall by 6' wide.  Full to part sun.

Carissa Holly

Evergreen, 3' tall and wide, excellent low hedge, dense, glossy foliage.  Full to part sun.

Domestic Nandina

Upright evergreen shrub with red to green foliage and beautiful clumps of red berries in winter.  Up to 5' tall by 3' wide.  Part shade.

Dwarf Burford Holly 

Evergreen shrub 4'-6' tall and wide.  Excellent hedge or privacy plant, prunes easily.  Full to part sun.

Dwarf Yaupon Holly 

Evergreen shrub 2' tall by 3' wide.  Deer resistant and slow growing.  Full to part sun.

Eleagnus Silverberry 

Fast growing evergreen.  Great hedge plant to 12' tall.  Very small flowers in fall with a wonderful fragrance.  Sun to shade.


Large deciduous shrub with brilliant golden flowers in the early spring.  6' to 8' tall and wide.  Full to part sun.

Helleri Holly 

Evergreen shrub 4' tall and wide.  Medium grower.  No pruning required, nice round shape.  Full sun.

Japanese Compacta Holly 

Evergreen shrub to 6' tall and wide.  Excellent hedge or privacy plant.  Deer resistant.  Full to part sun.

Maiden Grass 

Deciduous grass with white plumes in fall.  4' tall.  Full sun.

Needlepoint Holly 

Dense, fast growing, great for hedge or privacy.  To 12' tall.  Full to part sun.

Sea Green Juniper 

Compact evergreen, fountain-shaped spreader with mint green foliage.  4' tall by 6' wide, medium growth rate.  Full sun.

Sherwood Abelia

Semi-evergreen shrub 4'-6' tall and wide.  Excellent hedge with white flowers throughout the summer.  Full to part sun.

Soft Touch Holly 

Evergreen shrub 2'-3' tall and wide.  Full to part sun.

Variegated Privet 

Semi-evergreen - Gray-green foliage with variegation.  Easily shaped and pruned.  To 12' tall and wide.  Good hedge shrub.  Tolerates full sun to shade.

Wintergreen Boxwood

Evergreen with dense compact growth.  3'-4' tall and wide.  Full sun to moderate shade.  Responds well to pruning.  Great for a shaped hedge.  Full to part sun.

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