These are the plants which really make the garden come alive with brilliancy and color.  There are many great varieties to choose from in every color.  Make your landscape a truly spectacular sight to behold.  Our selection of top quality perennials will ensure a beautiful garden year after year.

Hemoerocallis sp.
Daylilies do best in soils well supplied with organic matter and well-drained.  Plant in full sun to partial shade.  All of the daylilies we carry are repeat bloomers.
Culitvar Foliage Height Bloom  Bloom Time Notes
Happy Returns 18" Canary Yellow Early Summer Yellow hybrid of Stella
Ice Carnival 25" White Early-Mid Summer

Large 5" pure white flower

Purple d'Oro 16" Rosy Purple Early Ssummer Behaves like a purple Stella
Red Stella 18" Rosy Red Early Summer Rosy red repeat bloomer
Stella d'Oro 15" Yellow-gold Summer Continuous bloom - most popular day lily
Strawberry Candy 26" Tangerine Peachy-Pink Late Summer 4" flower with ruffled dark edge

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Formal Name     Common Name Size  Zone Description 
Achillea x hybrida    Paprika Yarrow 24-30"  3 Paprika red flowers with yellow centers.  Great as a fresh cut flower or for drying.  Plant in full sun.
Agastache rupestris Sunset Hyssop 18-24"  5 Unusual flower color - between tangerine and coral - from June to hard frost.  Aromatic silvery foliage.  Upright plant thrives in well drained poor soil.
Alcea rosea
'Queeny Purple'
Dwarf Purple Hollyhock 30"  3-8 Shorter, compact growth.  Pure rosy purple double bloom.  Flowers prolifically.
Amsonia hubrichtii Arkansas Blue Star H 3'
W 2-3'
 5-8 Outstanding, fine-textured willowy foliage.  Many star-shaped blue flowers in early spring.  Turns gold in fall.  Sun to part shade.
Anemone x hybria Wind Flower 20-36"  5 Every year we grow a couple of varieties of Anemone.  'Crispa' has a medium pink flower and 'Pamina' a dark pink flower.  Excellent late summer, fall color for the perennial bud.
Aquilegia x
'Origami Mix'
Columbine 14-18"  3 Large 3" upward held flowers for up to 12 weeks.  Compact uniform growth habit.
Artemisia x
'Powis Castle'
Wormwood 30"  6-8 Finely divided, ferny, silvery foliage forming a tall mound.  Needs good drainage.  This variety is not invasive.  Plant in full sun. 
Artemisia schmidtiana
'Silver Mound'
Silver Mound 8-10"  3-10 A compact soft mounded plant.  Foliage is fernlike and silver-gray.  Excellent in rock gardens or for edging.  Good drainage is essential.  Prune hard to maintain form.  Plant in full sun, well drained soil.
Buddleia davidii
'Nanho Purple'
Dwarf Butterfly Bush 4-5'  5-9 Available in #3.  One of the shorter, more compact Butterfly Bushes.  Fits in the perennial garden easier.  Rich purple flowers in mid to late summer covered with butterflies.  Narrow silvery foliage.  Full sun.
Buddleia davidii
'Royal Red'
'Royal Red' Butterfly Bush H 6'
W 4'
5-9 Available in #3.  Deep, rich purple-red thick blooms.
Canna Canna Lily 3-5' Large attention grabbing flowers.  Each year we grow two varieties - one short and one tall.
Caryopteris     Longwood Blue Caryopteris 3-5' 7 Large attention grabbing flowers.  Each year we grow two varieties - one short and one tall.
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides Plumbago 12" 5 Beautiful electric blue flowers bloom from July to September.  Green foliage takes on a reddish hue in fall.  Tough and long lived.  Plant in filtered sun to part shade.
Coreopsis grandiflora
Coreopsis Domino 15-20" 4 Large single golden blooms with mahogany brown centers.  Long blooming in early summer if deadheaded.
Coreopsis verticillata
Zagreb Coreopsis 12-15" 4 This excellent cultivar has bright yellow flowers which are densely produces atop a mound of lacy foliage.  Best growth is in a dry, full sun location.  Drought resistant.  Dead head for continued bloom.  Showier than 'Moonbeam'.
Lucifer 30-36" 5-9 Intense red, long-lasting summer blooms.  Good cut flowers.  Broad sword-like foliage adds vertical element to the landscape.
'Mountain Mist'
Mountain Mist Dianthus 12" 3-9 Mounds of icy blue evergreen foliage. Good heat and humidity tolerance.  Slightly fragrant, pink blooms. 
Firewitch 6" 4 Spreading silvery blue foliage with long raspberry red 1" upward facing flowers.  The fragrant flowers will often rebloom if deadheaded.
Digitalis x mertonensis
'Gold Heart'
Strawberry Foxglove 24-34" 3-9 Watermelon red, bell shaped flowers on tall stalks.  Blooms in mid-summer in the shade to part sun.  True perrenial.
Echinacea purpurea
Magnus Coneflower 18-30" 3-9 Extra large pink flowers with horizontally held petals.  Plant in full sun, in a well drained soil.  Light shade will enhance the richer colors in hot weather.  Good for borders, cut flowers and naturalizing.
Echinacea purpurea
'Ruby Star'
Ruby Star Coneflower 36" 3 Taller purple-red flowers with horizontal petals.  Considered an improved 'Magnus'. 
Spurge 12-18" Deep maroon purple mounds of foliage.  At the ends of the stems, the flower heads change to limey yellow.  Beautiful all season.
Blanket flower 16" 5 Bi-color orange-red flowers with yellow tips.  Compact, neat form.  Drought tolerant.  Long summer bloom in full sun.
Gaura lindheimeri Wand Flower 18" 5 Bright pink flowers on burgundy foliage starts blooming in spring.  Cut back midsummer for a more vigorous and thicker bloom in the fall.  Plant in full sun.
Geranium x
Geranium 12-14"  5-8  Heat tolerant and very long bloom period.  Plant in the sun with afternoon shade. 
Heliopsis helianthoides
'Summer Nights'
False Sunflower 36-40" 4-9 Large summer blooming perennial for the back of the border.  Golden yellow flowers with deep mahogany centers.  Plant has dark red stems and red-tinged foliage.  Very showy with long bloom period. 
Hibiscus Dwarf Hardy Hibiscus 20-30" 6

Huge 10" wide blooms on compact plants. Available with red or pink flowers. Plant in the full sun.

Iberis sempervirens Candytuft 10" 3-9 Flat clusters of white flowers in early spring. Narrow evergreen leaves. Looks good planted with Creeping Phlox in the full sun.
Iris ensat
Variegated Japanese Iris 28-36" 4-9 Striking variegated foliage; interesting even when dark purple bloom is not showing. Prefers acidic, constantly moist soil in the full sun to part shade. Blooms in June.
Iris hybrids Germanica Bearded Iris 24" 3-10 Five named cultivars. Colors available: Yellow, lavender-blue, burgundy, white. Re-blooming cultivars. Plant in the full sun in well-drained soil.
Iris sibirica
'Silver Edge'
Siberian Iris  24-30" 3 The blue-violet flower is outlined with silver white edge. Prefers moist acid soil. Blooms before the Japanese but after the Bearded Iris.
'Nancy's Red'
Red Hot Poker 16-24" 5 Flowers look like growing red-hot fire poker in mid summer. Clumping grass-like foliage.
Lavandula angustifolia
Munstead Lavender 15-18" 5 Attractive, fragrant, gray-green foliage. Abundant blue flowers. More humidity tolerant than other cultivars. Likes well drained slightly alkaline soil in the full sun.
Lavandula angustifolia
Hidcote Lavender 12-16" 5 Compact plant with showy, large, purple flowers on long stems. Long blooming in the full sun.
Leucanthemum x superbum
Shasta Daisy 24" 5-9 Large white daisy-like flowers with a single row of petals. Blooms June-July in the heat of the summer in the full sun.
Leucanthemum x superbum
'Silver Princess'
Silver Princess Shasta Daisy 12-15" 4 Dwarf plant with large creamy-white single flowers appearing in spring through summer. Good drainage is essential in the full sun.
Liatris scariosa
Gayfeather 24"  3-9 A drought resistant native American wildflower. Lavender blossoms atop narrow ribbon-like foliage. Plant in the full sun to light shade.
'Queen Victoria'
Cardinal Flower 36" 3 Tall, dark maroon foliage. Long blooming all summer, if planted in light shade with adequate moisture. Bright scarlet flowers.
Monarda didyma
'Jacob Cline'
Bee Balm 36-40" 3 Extremely mildew resistant. Large red flowers blooming from June to August. Needs moist soil in the full sun.  
Nepeta x faassenii
'Walker's Low'
Catmint 10" 3 One of the lowest growing Catmints. Compact mounds of grey-green foliage make an unusual groundcover, or an edging in the front of a border. Lots of lavender-blue flowers from late spring through fall.
Paeonia hybrids Peony 30-36" 3 We carry ‘Karl Rosenfield’ (red), ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ (pink), and ‘Shirley Temple’ (white).
'Husker Red'
Beard-Tongue 30" 4 Native. Bonze-purple foliage topped with white flower spikes in early to mid summer. Heat and drought tolerant.
Perovskia atriplicifolia
'Little Spire'
Russian Sage 25" A more compact version. Silvery foliage with fragrant purple-blue flowers. Loves the heat of late summer. Drought tolerant.
'Red Dragon'
Red Dragon Persicaria 24" 5 Reddish-purple green foliage on maroon-red stems. Leaves are accentuated with silvery overlay, much like Heuchera. This plant would be worth having just for the foliage color, yet it is topped with small white clusters of flowers in late summer and fall. A good substitute for Penstemon ‘Husker Red’. Plant in sun to part shade.
Phlox paniculata Tall Garden Phlox 2-4' 3 Large, very showy flowers in summer. Named varieties available in pinks, purples, white and lavender. We continue to search for cultivars that are powdery mildew resistant in our humidity. We have three new ones that show great promise.
Phlox subulata Creeping Phlox 4-6" 2-9 Very early spring bloomer. Works well draping over rocks or walls. Five cultivars available in red, white, blue, pink or candystripe flowers. Plant in full sun or with afternoon shade.
Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm' Brown-eyed Susan 24"  4 Dazzling mounds of yellow flowers with a deep brown center. Blooms midsummer through fall in the full sun.
Perennial Salvia 24" 3 Bright violet-blue flowers on upright dark purple stems. Very showy. Good cut flower.
Salvia gua.
'Black & Blue'
Black & Blue Salvia 36" 6-7  15" spikes of dark blue flowers shine against navy blue buds and stems from July into late fall. Glossy green leaves.
Salvia nemorosa
'Viola Klose'
Viola Klose Salvia 15-18"  4 Deep blue flowers on compact plants in early summer. Will re-bloom if cut back after first flush. Same habit as ‘May Night’ but better and reblooms.
'Butterfly Blue'
Pincushion Flower 12-18" 5 Lavender blue 2" flowers cover this plant from May to frost if dead-headed. Extravagant performer in full sun.
'Autumn Joy'
Autumn Joy Sedum 18" 4 Tall sedum used in the perennial border. Deep rose-bronze flower heads. Blooms late summer until frost. Flower heads dry nicely. Plant in the full sun to light shade.
Sedum spectabile
Brilliant Sedum 18"  4 Tall sedum used in perennial border. Brilliant pink flower heads. Blooms late summer until frost in the full sun to light shade.
'Purple Emperor'
Purple Sedum 15" 4 Dark purple fleshy leaves on compact purple stems. Dusty pink flower heads in late summer, age to bronze in fall.
Stachys byzantina
'Helen von Stein'
Lamb's Ear 12-15"  4-10 Extra large, soft,gray-green, velvety leaves. Plant in the full sun in well-drained soil.
Stachys laevis
'Klaus Jelitto'
Stoke's Aster 12-14" 5 4" flowers are intense royal purple. Attracts butterflies.
Tradescantia x and.
'Concord Grape'
Concord Grape Spiderwort 18" 4-9 Deep purple flowers through spring and most of summer. Flowers may take a break during hottest part of summer, but will bloom again in fall. Compact bluish-green foliage. Easy tough perennial.
Tradescantia x and.
'Sweet Kate'
Golden Spiderwort 12-14" 5 Golden yellow foliage with contrasting bright purple flowers all through spring and again in the fall. Tolerant of boggy soil. Tough showy perennial for the part shade garden.
'Homestead Purple'
Homestead Purple Verbena 8" 6-7 Low spreading form with rich deep-purple flowers from spring until fall. Heat and drought tolerant. Marginally hardy in our area. Plant in the full sun in well-drained soil.
Veronica s.
'Royal Candles'
Spike Speedwell 15-18" 4 Upright spikes of deep violet-blue flowers all summer. Foliage stays nicer than most Veronica.

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