Our wide selection of ornamental grasses provides color and texture to the garden landscape year round.  Grasses come in a variety of shapes, whether looking for something to sway in the breeze or to add color.  They can also be planted in a container to be used on a patio or deck.

Groundcovers offer a blanket of beauty while smothering out unnecessary weeds.  These plants offer bare areas and spaces a nice filler while providing color and interest.


Formal Name Common Name Size Zone Description

Acorus gramineus

Golden Sweet Flag



Golden chartreuse iris like foliage. Very showy even in winter. Good water or bog plant.


Sweet Flag



Variegated green and white Iris-like leaves. Spreads slowly in sun or partial shade. Good in water gardens or soil that is constantly wet. Semi-evergreen.

Calamagrostis x

Variegated Feather Reed Grass



Very similar to ‘Karl Foerster’ with a bright creamy white margin. Erect feathery plumes with purplish seed heads that turn tan as they go.


Cappuccino Sedge



Bronze colored sedge with orange flecks. Graceful, arching form. Prefers moist, well drained soil.

Carex elata
'Bowles Golden'

Golden Sedge



Clear golden-yellow leaf color. The color is very bright and shows up well in partial shade areas. Grows well in moist well drained soils. Needs some sun to stay bright yellow.

Carex glauca
'Blue Zinger'

Blue Zinger Sedge



Tufts of glaucous blue thin leaves. Grows rapidly. Does well in our Arkansas heat. Good substitute for Blue Fescue.

Carex morrowii

Evergold Sedge



Thin creamy white grass-like leaves with green margins arise from the base. Very showy sedge brightens the moist, shady garden.

Cortaderia selloana

Dwarf Pampas Grass



Looks just like the 10’ tall Pampas grass grown further south, only dwarf. Appropriate for NW Arkansas, since it is hardier than the species.

Festuca glauca
'Elijah Blue'

Blue Fescue



Dwarf clump-forming ornamental grass. Silver-blue color really stands out. Best planted in afternoon shade for our hot summers. Good drainage is essential.

Miscanthus sinensis

Dwarf Maiden Grass



Silver gray foliage and pink to white blooms. Ideal for use when regular Maiden Grass is too tall. Plant in full sun.

Miscanthus sinensis

Maiden Grass



Thin, upright arching, green blades. The creamy, showy plumes appear in September. Very suitable as a specimen or in groupings in the full sun.

Miscanthus sinensis
'Little Zebra'

Dwarf Zebra Grass



Miniature Zebra grass. Neat, tidy and not floppy. Showy gold banding. Reddish purple plumes in late summer/fall.

Miscanthus sinensis

Variegated Maiden Grass



Clump forming variegated maiden grass. Green blades with a vertical white stripe. Attractive flower plumes in August and September. Will tolerate some shade but best in full sun.

Muhlenbergia capillaries

Muhly Grass




Native to S.E. Shade tolerant. Very showy in the fall with delicate rosy purple flowers above slender foliage.

Nassella tenuissima

Stipa or Ponytail Grass



Borderline hardy. Even though this grass is listed as Zone 7, we have seen it survive the last 4 or 5 winters in our area. Finely textured and graceful in the wind. Worth taking a chance.

'Dallas Blues'

Blue Switch Grass



Outstanding wide bladed blue grass. Soft pink seed heads in late summer. Excellent, beautiful dried winter form.

Pennisetum setaceum
(annual in NWA)

Purple Fountain Grass



NOT Zone 6 hardy! Beautiful burgundy foliage and rose colored seed heads. Use as a background or specimen plant, or in the herbaceous border in the full sun. Flower heads good in a fresh flower arrangement.

Phalaris arundinaceae var. picta

Ribbon Grass



Green and white stripped foliage blushed with pink. Spreading. Good to use in a tough spot where not much else will grow. Plant in the sun to light shade.

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 Formal Name Common Name  Size  Zone  Description
Ajuga reptans
'Bronze Beauty'
Ajuga 2-6" 4

Waxy metallic purple-bronze leaves with blue flower spikes in early spring. Semievergreen. Spreads quickly in the sun or shade. Does best with good drainage.

Asarum canadense



Good groundcover for heavy shade. Leathery, lustrous, kidney shaped leaves. Slow growing. Rare. Needs well-drained acidic soil. Native.

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides Plumbago 12" 5

Beautiful electric blue flowers bloom from July to September. Green foliage takes on reddish hues in fall. Tough and long lived. Plant in filtered sun to part shade.

Convallaria majalis Lily of the Valley 8-10" 2-8

Fragrant white flowers. Low maintenance, fast growing perennial groundcover that spreads by rhizomes. Prefers moist shade to part sun.

Delosperma cooperni Hardy Ice Plant 3-6" 6-9

Continuous summer bloom in full sun. Bright magenta flowers on hardy, low growing evergreen, succulent branches. Good drainage is a must.

Euonymus frtunei var. cloratus Purple Leaf Wintercreeper 12-20" 4-9 Dense, woody, low spreading. Green foliage turns purplish through the fall and winter. Good for hot spots in the full sun to light shade. A tough plant.
Euonymus f. variegata Variegated Euonymous 12-20" 4-9 Just like Purple Leaf Wintercreeper only variegated. A little more show for a groundcover in the shade or sun.
Hedera helix English Ivy 6-12" 5-10

Dark green, heavily veined 2-3" leaves. Evergreen. Needs good drainage in the shade garden. Will tolerate sun with regular watering. Will climb to 90’ if used as a vine. Attaches itself to structures with root-like holdfasts.

Houttuynia cordata
Chameleon Plant 6-10"  5-9 Leaves with bright combinations of green, red, yellow, and cream, form a thick mat. Spreads aggressively by underground rhizomes in wet areas. Variegation is very striking in full sun but does fade to greens and maroons in shaded sites.
Lamium maclatum
'Beacon Silver'
Beacon Silver Lamium 4-6" 3-8 Silver leaves with green borders. White flowers in the spring. Plant in shade to partsun.
Lamium maculatum
'White Nancy'
White Nancy Lamium 4-6" 3-8 Silver leaves with green borders. White flowers in the spring. Plant in shade to partsun.
Liriope muscari
'Big Blue'
Big Blue Monkey Grass 12-18" 5-10 Good for a groundcover or as edging. Solid green blades. Lavender to blue flowers in summer. Plant in the sun or shade. Clumping habit.
Liriope muscari
Variegated Monkey Grass 12-18" 6-10 Good for a groundcover or as edging. Blades of green with yellow-white stripes. Variegation increases in the full sun and decreases in the shade. Lavender-blue flower spikes in summer.
Liriope spicata
'Silver Dragon'
Silver Dragon Liriope 12-18" 5-10

Foliage is white with narrow green stripe. From a distance the look is silver-white. Best used as a groundcover not as edging in the sun to shade.

Firecracker 10" 4 Bronze-purple foliage with contrasting yellow flowers in summer. In moist boggy areas, will spread nicely as an unusual ground cover.
Lysimachia nummularia
Golden Creeoing Jenny 12-18" 5-10 A useful plant to cover banks, stone walls, or naturalizing. The striking, golden-yellow foliage is enhanced in full sun.
Ophiopogon japonicus Mondo Grass 6-10" 6-10 Blades are dark green about 1/4" wide. Spreads by stolons. Mounding habit. Plant in full sun to part shade.
Ophiopogon japonicus Dwarf Mondo Grass 5-6" 6-10

Tight little clumps of dark green leaves growing to 6" tall. Plant in the full sun to part shade.

Tight little clumps of dark green leaves growing to 6" tall. Plant in the full sun to part shade.
Pachysandra terminalis Japanese Spurge 8-10" 4-7 Evergreen groundcover does best in moist, well-drained soil in the shade to dense shade. Easy maintenance once established. Performs best with at least 8" of loose, rich soil.
Lime Sedum 2-4" 3 Looks just like Blue Spruce Sedum, only lime colored. Evergreen.
Sedum sp.
Sedum 'Acre' 2-4" 3-9 Lime green foliage with yellow flowers. Aggressive grower in the full sun.
Sedum spurium
'Dragon's Blood'
Sedum 'Dragon's Blood' 2-4" 3-9 Green to reddish-bronze foliage. Brilliant red flowers in summer. Plant in the full sun.
Sedum kamtschaticum
'Sedum kamtschaticum'
Sedum kamtschaticum 2-4" 3-7 Broad whorls of scalloped green leaves. Creamy white flowers. Our best choice for a Sedum in partial shade. Plant in full sun to part shade.
Sempervivum tectorum Hen & Chicks 2-4" 3-10 Hardy perennial for a sunny, well-drained location. Prefers poor, rocky soil. Our collection includes many sizes, textures, and colors.
Thymus vulgaris Creeping Thyme 2" 4 Low creeper. Well suited as a groundcover. Sweet scented foliage. Nice between rocks in a pathway. Small rosy-red flowers in summer attract bees. Best in full sun in a loose, well-drained soil.
Verbena c.
'Homestead Purple'
Homestead Purple Verbena 8" 6-7 Low spreading form with rich deep-purple flowers from spring until fall. Heat and drought tolerant. Marginally hardy in our area. Plant in the full sun in well-drained soil.
Vinca major
Vinca Vine 8-18" 4-8

Trailing vine often used in hanging baskets and mixed planters. An excellent, colorful groundcover for our area. Showy green and white leaves that go dormant in winter. 2" purple flowers in early spring.

Vinca major Vinca minor 4-8" 4

Evergreen, glossy ground cover with ‘periwinkle’ blue flowers in early spring. Please call to special order. We do not necessarily keep in inventory.

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