Bare Root Fruit Tree Selection - 2014

We get fruit trees from different sources at different times of the year.  The following list is current as of January 2014 but may change due to sales and availability.   Please call if you have any questions.  We expect our bare root fruit trees to arrive sometime the third week of January 2014.  To reserve your trees, please call 479-442-2061, or email us at  We will call you when they arrive.

Because bare root trees need immediate attention, we will only be able to hold them for you for up to two days from the day we alert you of their arrival.

The variety is followed by the root stock. For pollination and other fruit tree information, we recommend the following websites:

Bare root fruit trees 

Braeburn Apple on M-111

Granny Smith Apple on M-111

Honeycrisp Apple on M-7

Pink Lady ‘R’ Apple on M-7

Sierra Beauty Apple on M-111

Bing Cherry on Mahaleb                                                                                          

North Star Dwarf Cherry on Mahaleb                                         

Stella Cherry on Mahaleb                                                                    

Gleason Early Elberta Peach Yrlg on Lovell

O’Henry Peach Yrlg on Lovell

Polly White Peach Yrlg on Citation


Superior Hybrid Plum on Citation

Stanley Prune Yrlg on Citation                                      

Bosc Pear on OHxF333                                                                           

Moonglow Pear on OHxF333                                                              

Warren Pear on OHxF33                                                                                         

20th Century Asian Pear on Betuleafolia                                                  

Shinseiski Asian Pear on OHxF333                                                                 

Kiwi-Hardy, Issai Self Fruitful                                                                                                                                                    

Specialty types

Fuyu 'Jiro' Persimmon on D. Lotus            


4n1 Apple, Fuji-Gala-Mutsu-Jonagold on M-111                                  

4n1 Apple, Fuji-Gala-Golden Delicious-Red Delicious on M-111            

3n1 Cherry, Rainier-Bing-Lapin or Van on Mazzard                  


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